The museum

The museum

The Museu d’Història de Catalunya (MHC) opened in 1996 to make Catalan history and culture better known at home and abroad. Publicly owned and inspired by the public interest, it is designed to be a museum of society insofar as it encourages interaction between history and the other social sciences and takes an interest in our own times. A cultural centre that is open and accessible to everyone with a programme that offers visitors opportunities for learning and training, for debate and analysis, for relaxation and enjoyment.

The Museu d'Història de Catalunya: a museum about Catalonia open to the world

To conserve, exhibit and make known the history of Catalonia 

The strategic guidelines of the museum for the coming years

The Museu d'Història de Catalunya was founded officially in 1996 by a Catalan Government decree

The museum is located in a historic building in the heart of the city of Barcelona

The professionals who work at the Museu d’Història de Catalunya

The people and companies who have worked on the construction of this on-line museum.